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There's a tab on the Origin client that says: "Free Games" I clicked on it, a prompt came up explaining that the client was laughing at me. I was promptly charged $10 for my foolishness.

Thought about the Mazda 3, what if you're lying on the ground like Jo-Gord-Levitt here and the Mazda 3's big smile is the last thing you see before turning into road kill.

Alright people, I've got a new theory on the perfect new car for a kid about to get their driver's license: The Renault Twizy. (Unless you live in a super rural environment)

I just watched Starship Troopers the whole way through for the first time. I walked away from it thinking: "Fuck these jarheads are stupid!" I mean, the way Rico gets injured the first time, the way Dizzy gets killed. The marines that get slaughtered in the first encounter with the bugs, I mean, I know they were green

Well I went and configured a 2013 Porsche Cayman on their website and managed to make it out of there with JUST $16,000 in optional extras. It's unbelievable what they charge for little things in that place.

This machine perplexes me. My mind goes in knots when it thinks "Veloster Turbo" and it doesn't know if it should hate this machine or love it. When I lay my eyes upon it, one half of my brain sneers at gaping whale mouth grille and the other part swoons. When I hear it, well, honestly it falls short there. When I