Wild Speculation About Ultron and Further...

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Alright, I have a lot of time to think at work and today I watched the extended trailer for Age of Ultron with everyone trying to pick up Thor's Hammer. Something got me trailing off on a huge, interesting train of thought that would be completely amazing if it came to fruition.

Before Ultron staggers into the scene, most of the Avengers take a crack at trying to pick up Mjolnir, but ends with Natasha declining to make an attempt at picking it up. This got me to thinking, what if this ends up being significant later on in the movie? What are the odds that the movie goes opposite to the comic universe where Natasha ends up an enemy, and during a scene later where only Thor and Black Widow are present, Thor is close to being killed or brought low, only to be saved when Natasha wields Mjolnir to protect him?

We know that for some time, people have been clamoring for a movie with a female superhero (Fingers crossed for Squirrel Girl!), and many seem to favour the idea of a solo Black Widow movie (Present company included!). With the recent Phase 3 announcement, we got confirmation of a Carol Danvers Captain Marvel which is also quite exciting. But what we also got was Thor 3, Ragnarök.

Now, I'm going to come clean with the fact that I don't read the comics, so I have no idea what happens to Thor in any events covered by the Ragnarök moniker, but if it's anything like the Norse myth, sounds like its going to be a game changer on the level of Winter Soldier.

Do I think that Chris Hemsworth's Thor is going to bite it in the movie? No, I don't think so, will he be Thor at the end of the movie, possibly not...

We do not know if Anthony Hopkins Odin is still alive, or if the man himself will continue to play the role (Dude's old, let's face facts.) and things with Loki are definitely going to come to a head. What might happen if Odin's throne is vacated at the end of the movie, forcing the Thor we know to take the throne and protect Asgard (And settle down with Jane Foster.) thus ushering in a new Thor. The one who saved him from Ultron's minions, Natasha Romanov.

With Marvel seeing that the time is right to have a woman become Thor in the comic, would it be a sign that perhaps a well established character could take over the mantle in the Cinematic Universe?

Or am I just following the time honoured geek tradition of looking way too hard at something that might mean absolutely nothing?

Either way, tell me that doesn't sound amazing.


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